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Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:14

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"Learning and Achieving in a Caring Community"

Faith Introduction

Worship at Stansfield Hall Church of England/Methodist Church Primary School 

Stansfield Hall Church of England/Methodist Church Primary School is an inclusive Christian Community. We are committed to building successful futures for all our children. Our school is a safe environment where everyone is valued. We nurture strong, caring relationships which are underpinned by our Christian values. We work with our community to raise aspirations as we champion children to be the best they can be, empowering them to aim high and achieve their potential. Reflecting John Wesley’s teaching, ‘do all the good you can’.   

Our Vision Statement inspired by, ‘Let Your Light Shine’ in Matthew 5:16 is centered on the potential that each child has within them to shine.  Our vision is to inspire our children, families, staff and governors to shine brightly, doing all the good we can, reflecting the light of God’s love in all we do. We believe that all may have the COURAGE to change the world, the PERSEVERENCE to keep trying and the RESPONSIBILITY to never give up. Living out these values in this way, we can walk in the ‘light of the Lord’. 

Our core Christian Values COURAGE, PERSEVERENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY are embedded into our school policies and practices. As a community, we believe that we have the COURAGE to change the world, the PERSEVERENCE to keep trying and the RESPONSIBILITY to never give up.  

Our focus within our worship allows us to explore our feelings, how they affect us and impact on our relationships with one another and our own spirituality. We are taught as Christians to trust in God and to share the Good News. When we feel unhappy or worried we can share this with Him, when we are happy and joyful we can thank God and share our feelings with Him. 

Collective Worship Timetable 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Worship through Bible stories Class Based Worship Christian Values Community Worship Worship through song Worship through celebration
Ethos Group -
Child Led
(Deputy Headteacher)
Teacher Led Reverend Ruth / Father Ian RE and Worship Lead Headteacher

Christian Values Timetable 

This year we are following Cycle A

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
SCARF Topic Me and My Relationships Valuing Differences Keeping Myself Safe Being My Best Growing and Changing Rights & Responsibilities
Christian Value
Cycle A
Responsibility Hope Respect & Reverence Forgiveness Creativity Peace
Christian Value
Cycle B
Trust Generosity Wisdom Humility Thankfulness Courage

Christian Value

Cycle C

Friendship Service Truthfulness Compassion Justice Perseverance