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Physical Education

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”

John F. Kennedy

The National Curriculum for Physical Education aims to ensure that all children can develop competence to excel in a wide variety of physical activities. It also aims to ensure that children remain physically active for a sustained period of time, engage in competitive sports and activities and lead healthy, active lifestyles. Here at Stansfield Hall, we are aiming to meet all aims of the National Curriculum and go above and beyond when we can so that our children can have every opportunity to become well-rounded sportspeople! 

As well as meeting the needs of the National Curriculum, at Stansfield Hall we are on a mission to get our community moving! Physical education is a new focus point for us. We provide a high-quality physical education curriculum which aims to inspire our children to want to get fit and healthy – not that they take much encouragement! Our PE curriculum works alongside our PSHE curriculum to support our children with both their physical and mental health. We offer opportunities to compete in sports both in school via our interhouse competitions and within the wider community. We believe that an important element of our PE curriculum is to encourage children to have a go and that is exactly what we do! Through our PE curriculum and "Crew Time” activities, our children have the opportunity to try and, in some cases, excel in sports activities that they usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to try. From fencing to yoga to learning how to sail at Hollingworth Lake – we encourage our children to give everything a go. Our approach builds character and pride within our learners whilst developing respect, acceptance and teamwork. 


Our PE curriculum follows the schemes of work from the GetSet4Education website. Each unit has been carefully chosen to ensure that there is a golden thread of skills throughout the primary curriculum. Children will practise a variety of skills including throwing, catching, sprinting, gymnastics, invasion games and many more. Each skill is built upon in the following year so that children will constantly have the opportunity to better themselves and potentially find a sport that they are passionate about. The delivery of the PE curriculum is inclusive and well-led- teachers even come in their PE kits on PE days to set the right example to the children! In line with the GetSet4Education scheme, our PE curriculum is split into 4 strands of skills: 

  • Physical- including skills such as throwing, sprinting and balancing 
  • Social- including skills such as respect, communication and collaboration 
  • Emotional- including skills such as honesty, confidence and perseverance 
  • Thinking- including skills such as comprehension, decision making and creativity 
Autumn Spring Summer
Explorers EYFS
Year 1







Invasion Games


Striking and Fielding Games

Discoverers Years 2/3
Cycle A

Fundamentals (Y2)


Dance (Y3)

Yoga (Y2)


Gymnastics (Y3)

Athletics (Y3)


Invasion Games (Y2)

Years 2/3
Cycle B

Dance (Y2)


Ball Skills (Y2)

Yoga (Y3/4)


Fitness (Y3/4)

Target Games (Y2)


Handball (Y3)

Pioneers Years 4/5
Cycle A

Fundamentals (Y3/4)


Dance (Y4)

Yoga (Y3/4)


Gymnastics (Y5)

Athletics (Y4)


Dodgeball (Y5/6)

Years 4/5
Cycle B

Ball Skills (Y3/4)


Handball (Y3/4)

Yoga (Y5/6)


Athletics (Y5)

Tag Rugby (Y5/6)


Cricket (Y5/6)

Year 6

Fitness (Y5/6)


Dance (Y6)

Yoga (Y5/6)


Gymnastics (Y6)

Athletics (y6)


Handball Y5/6)