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Let Your Light Shine - Matthew 5:14

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"Learning and Achieving in a Caring Community"

The Three I's


At Stansfield Hall Church of England / Methodist Church Primary School, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of everything we do.  

We have embarked on a new journey to build a curriculum which helps our children develop skills, knowledge and a love of learning. We encourage our children to have high aspirations and we are careful not to limit their learning opportunities. Our Christian values, promote a school ethos which embraces everyone in our school family. We are a team and we are all learning together in a nurturing environment. 

We have carefully designed our curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils, whilst covering the full scope of the National Curriculum. Our ambitious curriculum is designed to help pupils discover their talents and interests, raise aspirations and enables them to understand what success means to them. 

We have designed a curriculum which enables our learners to be curious, ask questions, be independent, be able to collaborate and be socially responsible.  

For most of our pupils, developing vocabulary is a high priority. We encourage out children to use their voice for the power of good. For this reason, we have put language, literature and vocabulary at the heart of our curriculum. 

The relationships we have with our children and our wider community underpin and strengthen our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education, Relationship and Health Education and Religious Studies offer. As a school, we promote and model strong relationships, respect and celebrate diversity. We are a strong community where everyone is valued. The Stansfield Hall team look after each other – whether that be within our school community, out in our locality or in a much wider context as a global citizens. We recognise the importance of staff and pupil welfare and well-being and promote positive emotional health whilst supporting children to express their feelings appropriately. 

We want all our children to have high aspirations, set themselves ambitious goals and have academic success, regardless of their background.  

We are and will continue to be proud of the children of Stansfield Hall and will champion them every step of their journey with us – and in many cases beyond – we celebrate every success regardless of how small because we want our children to know that we believe in them. 


We want the children of Stansfield Hall to leave us with the knowledge, skills and heart to go out into the world and let their light shine. 


Milestone Class(es) Year(s)
Explorers Willow Class

Reception Statutory EYFS Framework
Year 1 Year 1 Curriculum
Discoverers Maple Class Year 2 2 Year Rolling Curriculum
Year 3
Pioneers Elm Class

Year 4 2 Year Rolling Curriculum
Year 5

Birch Class
Year 6 Year 6 Curriculum


Due to the mix of our classes, the development of our curriculum has been carefully considered to ensure that we are able to deliver a strong curriculum which is sequenced and progressive across each of our milestones. 


Children in Explorers learn through a standard 1 year cycle which ensures that our Reception children build a strong start within the realms of the EYFS Framework whilst our Year 1 children then begin our Year 1 programme of study. 


Our Discovers work on a 2-year cycle for the majority of their learning with content being carefully sequenced to ensure a strong end point at the end of Year 3. 


Our Year 4 and 5 Pioneers also work on a 2-year cycle in smaller group sizes whilst our Year 6 Pioneers work on a 1-year cycle to ensure that they are immersed in a Year 6 specific curriculum. 


We use a triangulated approach of learning reviews, book looks and evaluating pupil voice. SLT, subject leads and link governors monitor individual subjects to ascertain the impact of each area of the curriculum. 


Our aim is that all children make strong progress from their individual starting point. We focus on what our children know and what our children can remember from their previous learning. We use our weekly spiralling back sessions and maths meetings to revisit learning and cement what the children have learnt whilst addressing any misconceptions.  


At Stansfield Hall, we have high standards when it comes to teaching and learning. Our teachers are committed to delivering high quality, engaging lessons which children remember and enjoy. We have equally high standards with presentation. We want our children to feel a sense of pride when they talk about their learning and their books.  


We encourage our children to be motivated by a strong personal sense of spirituality and morality and to be guided by their faith. Our learners will be happy and resilient, and the impact will be that they make a positive contribution to society and to modern Britain.  Our children will leave Stansfield Hall Church of England / Methodist Church Primary School ready for the next phase of their education and go out into the world to let their light shine.