Stansfield Hall Church of England / Methodist Church Primary School

“Celebrating the uniqueness of God’s creations in educating the whole child and supporting the wider family so that everyone can achieve their very best in life.”

Todmorden Road, Littleborough, Lancashire OL15 9PR

01706 378273

Home School Agreement

The role of the school: 

The school will : -

  • Encourage the children to do their best at all times.
  • Encourage the children to look after their surroundings and resources in school.
  • Keep parents informed about their child’s progress termly through two parents’ evenings and one written report.
  • Inform parents about what the children will learn each half term.
  • Set and monitor homework tasks every half term.
  • Staff will be available for additional meetings if the need arises (these must be booked in advance).
  • Expect high standards of behaviour at all times.
  • Do our very best in helping all our pupils reach their full potential.
  • Promote British values, Christian faith values and the ethos of the school.


The Pupil’s Role: 

  • I will follow the school rules.
  • I will follow the classroom rules.
  • I will wear the correct uniform including school shoes.
  • I will make sure I have the correct PE kit in school and take my ear rings out for PE (if I have them).
  • I will be polite and treat everyone with respect.
  • I will do my homework and hand it in on time.
  • I will follow British values and the Christian faith values of the school.

The role of the family:

 The Parents / carers will : -

  • Ensure that my child arrives at school ready to start at 8.45am, every day.
  • Inform the school before 8.45am if my child will be absent due to illness.
  • Ensure my child is collected on time (3.20pm or 4pm /4.30pm if using after school club) unless they are old enough to travel home on their own.
  • Support my child in completing his/her homework and returning it on time.
  • Support my child with the correct uniform, shoes and a sensible haircut (no extreme changes of length etc.)
  • Ensure a sensible bedtime for my child on school days.
  • Inform school well in advance of any specialist medical appointments.
  • Ensure my child can take part in all areas of the curriculum (including PE with the correct kit) and ensure my child is able to remove their ear rings if worn.
  • Support British values, Christian faith values and the ethos of the school.