Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEN)

How are pupils with Special Educational Needs identified?

  • Pupils already identified with SEN before they start at Stansfield Hall by other settings
  • Parental concerns that we can then investigate further
  • School Staff concerns around progress, learning and following instructions compared to other children which can then be investigated further.

At every stage we will work with parents and carers as well as outside agencies to do our very best for the individual pupils.  When assessing children we will talk to parents about behaviors at school and home so as to build a full picture of any difficulties the child may be having and to ensure a consistency of approach in strategies to help overcome these.  Parents and carers will be invited to regular review meetings and kept fully informed.


Adapting the teaching and learning to meet the needs of all pupils.

  • All staff are highly trained at adapting work and activities in school to make tasks and activities accessible for all pupils.
  • Additional resources and schemes are used to support individual pupils at an appropriate level including BLAST, Numicon, ProjectX, Maths Catchup, Toe-by-toe, RML 1:1 and group work.
  • Staff have had additional training in behavioral, social and emotional difficulties, sensory issues, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Speech and Language needs and where needed individual programs for individual pupils.
  • High quality teaching, differentiation and support in all areas of the curriculum support all pupils.
  • Experienced staff with a range of skills are best utilized to support individual pupils with a range of therapeutic and curriculum based additional support packages.


Assessing Progress

  • We have adapted our assessment system to make provision for children who may be working on age group statements below their school year in order to be able to measure more accurately the progress they make in school.
  • We use pupil progress meetings to discuss individual pupils and their needs of both the curriculum and additional adult support to ensure all pupils are reaching their full potential.
  • Staff attend external moderation meetings to ‘moderate’ their judgments with that of teachers in other local schools.
  • Class teachers ensure advice from the SENCO, Educational Psychologist and other visiting professionals is followed to improve their own teaching but also ensure the best outcomes for the pupil.


Extra resources used for support

  • All pupils have access to a visual timetable
  • When needed pupils may have additional apps put on ipads to support their learning and engagement.
  • When needed pupils may work in different areas of the class room or school as best suited to support their learning on that day and at that time.


Working together

  • We work with other agencies when needed to support pupils and staff (this list is an example and not exclusive)
  • Speech and language therapists (SaLT) Rochdale Additional Needs Team (RANS) including hearing and visual impairment, occupational therapy, CAMHS and other support staff.


Extra Curricular activities

  • Stansfield Hall runs a number of Educational visits and residential trips which all pupils are entitled to attend and extra support and staffing available when needed to ensure pupils with SEND can access these.


Leaving Stansfield Hall

  • When pupils leave Stansfield Hall to go to High School or an in year transfer pupils and families are supported in their transition as much as possible.
  • Meetings held to discuss progress and successful strategies used to reach that progress are held with the new school / setting.
  • Other agencies are contacted to ensure they are able to offer support and advice to support the transition to the new school / setting.


Additional funding

  • Schools receive funding for all SEN pupils and uses this to provide for the pupils needs. This includes equipment required as well as support in terms of one to one or small group learning. The local authority may contribute to very expensive items
  • If a pupil’s statement identifies something that is significantly different to what is usually available, there will be additional funding allocated. Parents may have a say in how this is used. Parents will be told if this means the child is eligible for a personal budget. This must be used to fund the agreed plan.


Family support

  • There are a number of parent support groups and Stansfield Hall can signpost parents to these if requested.
  • Our Pastoral Lead teacher Miss Williams is available to support any parents or families who may need additional help or support around accessing other services.
  • Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator Miss Hare is available to support families around any aspect of SEND.
  • Mrs Nicholson is our SEND governor who has an overview of SEND at Stansfield Hall.
  • The Parent/carer forum is called Family Voice. This is an umbrella organisation for all organisations in Rochdale.


Complaints and concerns

  • Any concnerns should always be raised with the class teacher initially.
  • If you feel the issue has not be delt with then it should be raised with the SENco or the Deputy Headteacher/Headteacher.
  • If you still then feel that the issue has not been resolved then you would need to speak to raise the issue with the governing body.
  • If your concern is with the local authority, contact them on: SEN Assessment Team, Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale OL16 1XU. Tel: 01706 925981. Email: SEN@rochdale.gov.uk
  • The local authority has a panel of senior managers who consider unresolved issues – we call this the Escalation and Resolution Panel. They will offer you an independent mediator if you are still not satisfied. This person will act as a mediator in a meeting with the person you need to reach an agreement with
  • The Parent Partnership Service provide independent information and advice


Last Updated: May 2016

Safeguarding Notice

Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or welfare of any of our pupils, please contact the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be found here.