Hi Sycamore class,                         

It’s time for me to say hello again and to give you some more learning ideas. I hope you are all ok. I am still missing you a lot but I have loved talking to you on the phone. I hope you have all received your letters, I can’t wait to get some replies! I hope you are all doing ok and keeping safe. Remember to complete the activities little and often and don’t worry about how much you are doing or not doing.


  • Meerkat Mail
  • This is a book I would like you to listen to via the link or read using the powerpoint with an adult or both if you like. It is a lovely book all about a meerkat called Sunny who goes on an adventure


The powerpoint will be in the links section. Once you are familiar with the book I would like you to have a go at the following activities:

  • Write a description of Sunny the meerkat. Can the children write some interesting sentences to describe the him?
  • Sunny is missing from home, can you make a missing poster using the description you have written about him so his Mum and Dad can find him?
  • Can you find out about meerkats? Write a non-fiction report about them. Include where they live, what they eat, what they do etc
  • Can you write a list of things Sunny might have in his suitcase for his travels?
  • Can you write a postcard to Sunny telling him all about where you live?
  • Can you use the story board in the links to retell the story in your own words?

Other ongoing English ideas:

  • Continue a daily/weekly lockdown diary or scrapbook you can look back on when you are older. Include pictures/photographs etc even if you do normal things you could write about it and include how you feel each time and the date.
  • Write a letter to one of your friends in school and post it.

Remember to use your phonics and your capital letters and full stops!



White Rose maths have started to charge for their subscription to home learning, therefore you will find all the relevant year group worksheets for the week on the website.

Any questions please e mail and ask.



In the links there are some activities you could have a go at, including:

  • Cooking in a shoe box
  • Making a bird feeder.



Linked to the story Meerkat Mail can you find out all about the Kalahari desert?

  • Where is it?
  • What is it like?
  • Who lives there?
  • Which animals live there?
  • What is the weather like?
  • How is it different to where we live?


Think about any famous person from the past that you find interesting and find out facts about them like we have done previously with Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson, Neil Armstrong and Ernest Shackleton.

Why are they famous?

What did they do?

What do you know about their life?

Where did they live?

Please don’t think you have to complete all of these things, they are ideas to last you for a while. I will continue to send additional ideas on a weekly basis for those that complete the activities. If you need any clarification on anything or you have any other questions don’t hesitate to e mail me. Please send over any photos of anything you do as I love to see what you’re up to.

Take care and stay safe    Mrs Belfield

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