Hi Maple Class,

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your time at home. This week we are going to be focusing on ‘Vikings’ so you will be doing lots of research and finding lots of new information out. Hope you enjoy learning something new.


Still keep going with the pack that was sent home, as well as going on to your accelerated maths and try the questions on there.

Keep going on Times Table Rockstars. You can send battles to your friends and work on your times tables at the same time.

You can carry on with ‘White Rose Maths’, the sheets for this week have been uploaded to this page at the bottom, for you to download. They will be uploaded every Monday for the whole week.


On Literacy shed you can watch a video about Viking village, you can watch this and then pick a house and create characters who may live there and what they are like.


You can watch scenes from ‘How to train your dragon’ with this you can describe the village where Hiccup lives and then you could describe the dragons that he sees.

You then could create your own adventure story as a Viking, it could be similar to that of Hiccups or you could change it to make it your own.


You can go on to BBC Bitesize daily lessons and complete the English lesson each day, where you can watch the videos and complete the activities.



Keep reading a range of books and completing your accelerated reading quizzes. All your targets have been reset so you can make a start on trying to fill your flower.

J K Rowling has a new book that she has put online called the ‘Ickabog’. She also has a competition related to this story where you can illustrate a chapter and if you win your illustration will be put into the book. Here is the link for the book and the competition.




Vikings were great sailors and often rowed their longships up rivers and across the sea. They also liked sports and tests of strength like lifting heavy rocks and throwing spears. Think about sport that they might have played and look at how it can affect your health.

  • How does exercise affect your pulse and breathing rate?
  • Why are they affected?
  • What else happens to your body when we exercise?
  • How would you explain what your pulse is to somebody who didn’t know?

Also have a look at the food Vikings used to eat;

  • Was it always healthy?
  • Did they have a balanced diet?
  • What could have made it healthier?



Focus on Vikings this week –


You can create an information book. You will need to research:

  • Who were the Vikings?
  • What did they do?
  • What did they have to wear?
  • What did they eat?



Keep drawing when you’re on your walks and baking lots of yummy treats.

You could create a Viking village or design a dragon for the film ‘How to train your dragon’, which is set in a Viking village.



This week’s focus for wellbeing is going to be ‘The five ways to well-being’. Here are the things I would like you to think about each day:

Monday Connect

  • talk to your friends and family
  • help a friend or neighbour
  • eat a meal with your family
  • make a new friend
  • say hello
  • bake some cakes and share them
  • send a letter to a friend or family member
Tuesday Be Active

  • dance to your favourite song
  • walk a dog
  • hula hoop
  • join a sports team
  • play a game in the playground
  • walk or cycle to school
  • help in the garden
  • run a race with friends
  • make up your own sport
Wednesday Take Notice

  • look what you can see out of your window and how it changes
  • paint or draw a picture of what you’ve seen today
  • think about how you are feeling today
  • listen to the sounds of nature like the wind and rain
  • play I spy
  • notice how your friends or family are feeling today
Thursday Keep Learning

  • learn a new word each day
  • visit a museum or art gallery (virtually?)
  • try out a musical instrument
  • do a word search
  • try a new food
  • learn to cook a new recipe
  • study an animal or bug
  • visit a new place
  • write a story or song
Friday Give

  • smile and say thank you
  • make a homemade present or card for no reason
  • hold a door open for someone
  • give someone you love a hug
  • send your old toys to a charity shop
  • share with others
  • help around the house – wash the dishes or do some dusting
  • listen to someone else and how they are feeling



I know how much you enjoyed Yoga when we used to do it every Monday afternoon, so try some Yoga at home. On YouTube you can go on to ‘Cosmic kids yoga’, they have lots of different versions. Disney for Disney fans, Star Wars, Harry Potter and so much more.

Please feel free to contact me through the class email with any questions about any of this or if you just want to say hi and tell me what you have been getting up to.

Stay safe, Miss Barrett.

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